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I am a Strong Womyn

And I hide NOTHING

Hello. My name is Missy, and I am a unique snowflake. I don't like popular or traditional things, I bash canon because it's overrated and boring, I'm a pretentious twit, I hate fangirls, I hate 90% of the mainstream, and I'm only in high school but so much more mature than the other girls my age. I am the queen of unconventional individualistic style and if you don't agree with me you've been brainwashed by the masses. I am a Strong Womyn and a feminist, and I bully strongly encourage other females to be just like me. The phallocentric male patriarchy is oppressing womyn, and we must being them down! [insert 5 more paragraphs of tl;dr]

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pseudomonas me scripsit anno 2005

[Sockpuppet for the War Comms. RP journal is NOT REAL.]
alyssia's a whiner, angela is a pussy, anti-canon, anti-fangirls, anti-mainstream, anti-mary sue, anti-missy/esmeralda, anti-popular, baggy pants, bashing popular things, being a bitch, being a butch lesbian, being a cunt, being a darwinist, being a douchebag, being a hypocrite, being a straw feminist, being a strong womyn, being a unique snowflake, being annoying, being bossy, being elitist, being hardcore, being outcast, being right, being snotty, being special, being stuck up, being unconventional, body odor, bras suck, breaking balls, bullying people, canon sucks, canonshippers are boring, card captor sakura, castration, cheerleaders are skanks, chewing cloves, combat boots, cooler than you, demeaning housewives, denim, destroying canon, ditching class, does not like men, drawn together, dressing like a boy, esmeralda is pathetic, fanbrats keep out, feminism, feminist revenge fantasies, fighting with sue, fire emblem, flaming fanbrats, flannel, fucktards go home, getting hit with bookshelves, getting hit with dildos, going against the crowd, gordon is a pansy, gritty realism, gritty realism in porn, groin-kicking, hairy armpits, harassing trisha, hating stereotypes, hitting people with bats, hitting rod, hitting steve, homestar runner, i am a bitch, infidelity, joe is an ass, julia is a bitch, kickass female characters, kickboxing, making essie cry, making feminists look batshit, making lucy cry, male-bashing, misandry, molly is pathetic, my thoughts on yaoi, my vagina is awesome, not being pwned, not penguins, not shaving, not showering, picking fights, pissing maxie off, pissing people off, ralph is a dick, ranting, rawr, real women never wear dresses, sailormoon, snark, snarky female characters, stuart is a fucktard, syrius is a wuss, tact is for wussies, taunting esmeralda, the big rigs, thinking i'm badass, threatening lucy, tl;dr, tmi, tough attitudes, traditional is oppressive, truck drivers, tuxedo wank man sucks, wank, yelling at idiots, yuri is empowerment